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Have you ever dreamed about transforming your 3D Artwork or models into physical objects? Have you ever dreamed about the ability to touch and feel your creations instead of seeing it through your computer monitors?

Well, we might have a solution for you. We have designed an All-in-One High Resolution 3D Printer that might suit your creative purpose.

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Updated Design

Quite a few people made some suggestion on the need to have a bigger resin cartridge or the ability to change different resign. So we made some modification to the 3D Printer so now the resin cartridge will be based on 500ml instead of 300ml. The location of the resin cartridge would also be more user friendly and allow people to use other available resins in the market.

It's not much different from the previous design, but we think this give the unit a cleaner look...



  1. hello
    ur machine build envelope is too small
    any time frame for launching this printer

  2. The current build envelope is designed for 450ppi in X and Y. The launching time frame is soon.

  3. Looks great! Ideal for custom jewelry making.
    If you supply burnable materials for inverstment casting plus lower layer thickness - i'll be the first to buy)

    P.S.: if not burnable - at least rigid, to make low-temp silicone forms.

    God bless)

  4. I have "eiffel tower" ring STL model - ready to share it if you plan to develop my wishlist

    1. Sure, that sound like a good idea. We would love to give it a try, please send the STL model to miicraft229@gmail.com

  5. Looks great.

    I've started designing for Resin-based DLP 3D printers and plugged your printer:

    I too would really like to see one of my designs 3d printed with the highest resolution on your 3d printer.

    How about this one:


  6. Thanks Dizingof for sharing your models, we will take a look at them and share with you our results.