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Have you ever dreamed about transforming your 3D Artwork or models into physical objects? Have you ever dreamed about the ability to touch and feel your creations instead of seeing it through your computer monitors?

Well, we might have a solution for you. We have designed an All-in-One High Resolution 3D Printer that might suit your creative purpose.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

MiiCraft™ Features

Thanks everyone for all your interest and inquires via email and blog comments. We have found ourselves a partner to manufacture and assemble MiiCraft™ 3D Printer for us. We have started tooling for our design and target to have samples ready by middle of June. We will be offering our 3D Printer at price of USD 1,999

We plan to launch a campaign at Indiegogo to seek people's help in covering some of the upfront tooling costs within next couple of week. Of course there will be additional perks that will be available in our campaign.
Many of you asked for additional details on our printer, here are some of the key features of MiiCraft™.

MiiCraft™ 3D Printer Features:
  • One of the smallest All-In-One 3D Printer kit in the market
    • Combines 3D Printer, Post Curing Device and Resin Cartridge into "ONE" singe unit
  • Automatic Resin Supply System
    • Sensors will detect resin level in the reaction tank and pump resin into the reaction tank
    • Ability to withdraw resin from reaction tank back into resin cartridge for ideal storage
  • Teflon based Peeling System
    • Lower peeling force during build process and increase success rate when printing models
  • Sturdy and Robust mechanical design
    • Ensures an improved and consistent performance
  • Open Source firmware and software
    • Arduino Mega 2560
    • Python based software (controller and slicer)
  • Hardware Spec.
    • X/Y Resolution: 450ppi (56 micron)
    • Z-Axis (single layer thickness): 0.1mm  (100 micron)
      • Hardware can support up to 0.005mm (5 micron)
    • Build Speed: 2cm per hour
      • Up to 3cm per hour possible for some models
    • Footprint: 43mm x 27mm x 180mm
    • Full Kit Dimensions: 20.5cm (W) x 20.8cm (L) x 33.5cm (H)
  • Est. Resin Cost: USD 0.25 per gram
  • 3D Printer Cost: USD 1,999
  • Est. Post Curing Device: USD TBD


  1. Hi, is it possible to reach 20-30 micron for xy resolution?
    Thank you
    Best Regards

    1. Current xy resolution can only support 56 micron.

  2. please correct me, is the footprint is the max build size?

    1. Yes, the Footprint: 43mm x 27mm x 180mm is the max. build size in the first generation 3D printer.

  3. what is the possibities to increase this size? is it because the projector you are using has limited power or the limitation is with this fabrication method itself.

    reason is simple.. your current built size has very limited option for the real world.

  4. Very nice project!
    But 43mm x 27mm is a heavy limitation...

  5. So, it says software is open source, where does one get this source?

  6. @asok and macroalici,

    The small printing size is for proving the capability to make X/Y with 56 microns. Larger printing area would make the ppi lower. The current mechanical structure is fixed, but of course, we can consider to increase the printing area in the next 3D printer.

  7. @Bill M.,

    The software is still under testing. The initial version will be released for beta testing to the people who purchase our 3D printers. After the beta testing, the software will be opened.