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Have you ever dreamed about transforming your 3D Artwork or models into physical objects? Have you ever dreamed about the ability to touch and feel your creations instead of seeing it through your computer monitors?

Well, we might have a solution for you. We have designed an All-in-One High Resolution 3D Printer that might suit your creative purpose.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

3.6mm Metatron

Our most detail model yet, we are able to print out a 3.6mm (diameter) Metatron with our MiiCraft 3D Printer ^^. Next challenge 25 micron for z-axis

Model Details:
X/Y Resolution: 56 micron
Z-Axis Resolution: 50 micron
Build time: < 11min @ 50 micron for Z-Axis
The Metatron model is created by Bathsheba Sculpture http://www.bathsheba.com


  1. This is truly amazing! yet i have to wonder to which market do you pitch with this?

    If you aim at jewelry makers may i suggest showing them exactly what they need - 3d printed of highly detailed rings etc.. for lost wax casting (material will burn out leaving ash but with air compressor you blow it out of the mold)

    Just my 2c.


  2. @Dizingof,

    Thanks for your comments. We just try to push the machine to the limit.

    It's a great suggestion to try on highly detailed rings and lost wax casting. We will try it when we can access.

    The MiiCraft Team