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Have you ever dreamed about transforming your 3D Artwork or models into physical objects? Have you ever dreamed about the ability to touch and feel your creations instead of seeing it through your computer monitors?

Well, we might have a solution for you. We have designed an All-in-One High Resolution 3D Printer that might suit your creative purpose.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

3D Printer Kit Design

Thanks everyone for all the positive response. Many people are wondering what will our MiiCraft 3D Printer Kit look like, well here it is.

This design will be the one that we are going into production with. The complete 3D Printer Kit includes: 3D Printer, Post-curing and Resin tank. We're still targeting to make this available before end of June. We haven't decided on how to make it available for purchase yet, Indiegogo, distributors or MiiCraft blog are some of our options. But if you are interested in getting one, please feel free to drop us a line at miicraft229@gmail.com and we'll contact you when the 3D Printer Kit is available.


  1. Looks pretty cool, I'm very interested in buying a 3D DLP printer kit, but I am not impressed at the $4000+ price tag of Junior's kit on indiegogo.

    Your posts are very short on technical details, here's a few important questions I think people will want to know before they would buy anything:
    1. Will it be open source?
    2. How much will the kit cost?
    3. Will it come assembled, or will we need to put the whole thing together?
    4. Does it come with the projector?
    5. Will you also sell resin, at what price?
    6. Will it be work with bucktownpolymers.com resins?

    The quality of the output looks good, I hope you are able to increase the speed in the future (using the full height of the printable area would be 14 hours at your quoted speed)

    1. In the coming days, we will post more technical details. As for your questions:
      1) Yes, the Electronic is Arduino and software is Python base
      2) We're working with Partners now to see if we can drive the cost down, around 2000 ~ 3000 for the kit
      3) Some assembly required, but it would relate to simple items such as font covers
      4) Yes
      5) We don't have the price available yet
      6) We haven't had a chance to try it. We tried contacting them, but got no response. In theory, as long as it react to 405nm, than it should be no problem.

  2. Have you considered offering an option to use a higher resolution projector and increase the build platform size?

    The large size build platform, which I assume comes from the higher resolution projector, is main reason I really like Juniors printer.

    Your prints look great, what is the material cost per cubic cm of printed part?

    1. We have considered that before, maybe we'll build one with bigger footprint for the next model.

  3. The machine looks like computer rendered pictures ... And it doesn't look like a kit. Are you going to sell the machine as a kit or a finished good printer?

    1. Yes, they are rendered pictures. We are selling this printer as a development kit, so the software and EE will be open source to everyone.

  4. Do you have any documentation that you can provide to potential buyers that this system does not infringe on any patents held by either 3D Systems or Envisiontec? It would be nice to be able to buy parts for these systems 3 months from now.

    1. Sorry, we won't be providing any documentations.

  5. Hi, I sell and market 3D printers to the professional market and would like to speak with you about the potential of marketing the MiiCraft in that segment.



  6. this machine is amazing but have to consider things just like what other say in here. printing maryborough

  7. Guys you should see this UNOFFICIALLY yet Kickstarter of a NEW resin based 3d printer - it looks AWESOME ...


    larger build area (using bigger DLP projector)
    speed: 1.5cm to 2.5cm an hour
    price: $2375

    The kit has a very appealing design and easy to assemble.

    expected release June 2012

    1. Very cool Dizingof!
      Maxing at 10cm on the long side, the build platform could still be a bit larger IMHO.

      I wish that his sliding projector system would allow for lower resolution than 100microns, so that you could increase the build platform further when needed.

      For instance, a 150micron option gives an attractive and useful resolution:platformSsize ratio for larger prints with still very nice accuracy (like shapeways WSF resolution, I believe).

    2. You can always hack it for that. He's planning to open source the kit plans.

    3. I drew out the build platform on paper yesterday. It is prohibitively small. Great for jewelry though. I wonder if I could hack it... I can buy and mount the projector, but I would also need to modify the build platform and as far as projector power goes, I suppose this would have to be accounted for in the resin?

      It kills me that for 500-1000$ more, you can have a huge increase in object size, making these printers SO much more useful, but the attention from DIY/inventors is still focused mainly on low cost.

      I will not buy a 2k or 3k printer with such a small envelope for building. I would absolutely buy a $3k-4k printer, if it could print larger. There are a LOT of people in the same boat, who come from a figure/sculpture/toy design field, and cannot make use of these amazing, but tiny build platform, printers.

      Someone needs to be the first to offer this. They will have great success, imho.

  8. Increasing the build platform won't be as easy as just changing the focus and zoom. The increase in area would mean less energy spent polymerizing the resin. Slower build time can be a huge factor.

    To increase build area effectively, you need a projector with higher native resolution. Those are significantly more expensive.

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